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The Queen of Sheba's Juicy Feast

Twice the Malarkey, Half the Price

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massage, alienation
I am so proud of Maryland right now! But California - shame on you.

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Shame on CA for what?

I'm proud of MD (and Maine, and...) for the same reason as you, I think. :-)

Shame on CA for defeating Prop 37, which would have required the labeling of GMO foods. Most nations in Europe require it. The laggards are us and Canada, basically. It's embarrassing and sad for us as consumers that somehow, it's not yet accessible for us to simply know what the hell is in those packets on the grocery store shelf. For now, if a person wants to avoid GMO foods, the onus is all on them and it's a real challenge.

Ah. I was wondering, because they did pass a couple of things which I thought were good. I have mixed feelings about GMO foods: on the one hand, people have been modifying foods through selection for years. On the other hand, some of the stuff that we can do now is alarming and I can understand people wanting to know about it. If only the USDA would regulate things more (yeah, yeah, I know.)

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