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The Queen of Sheba's Juicy Feast

Twice the Malarkey, Half the Price

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Wax On, Wax Off
massage, alienation

Here is my son at his new kung fu class. He seems to be having quite a good time with it. He's the only one in the class, so there is no shouting or noisy confusion of kids leaping about. Good for an Aspie. The teachers are very patient. Of course, as a parent, there's literally nothing you like better than hearing people tell your kid to be quiet and pay attention, and then hearing him actually do that. You think, hey, maybe I could do that too. . . hmm. . . starts pricing out tumbling mats for the living room.

But seriously. If I could give my children any gift, that strength and self-confidence which arises from doing lots of physical movement and getting good at it would be the thing I'd give. So it really makes me me happy to see my son on the mat. Wax on, little buddy. Wax on.

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Thanks for the picture!

Also, please put it in a cut tag! It looks humongous on my friends page, and makes me have to scroll, scroll, scroll.

Also, yay more posts on LJ!

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