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The Queen of Sheba's Juicy Feast

Twice the Malarkey, Half the Price

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Policy Change!
massage, alienation
Late last September, for various reasons I was induced to stop posting much about my son online. And I must admit this blog did languish a bit, didn't it? It's hard for a mom to post much about her life when she's been stopped from posting much about her kids. It was good for me mentally, overall, though, because I had to learn to focus my attention on other things in my life. I did this, in part, by establishing a different blog over on tumblr. My tumblr name is blissmanifesto and you are all welcome to enjoy me there if you like. However, I must caution you that the tumblr blog is not like this one. It's not all that thoughtful. Narcissistic is how I would describe it. It's mostly all about my diet, my food, my exercise progress, and some random bullshit. It's very quotidian-level stuff. OTOH sometimes I post pics of my own butt. So there's that. But I did learn how to talk about my life while making little reference to my kids.

But my son came to me a couple days ago and kindly requested that I start posting about him again! He likes reading back through my old posts and laughing over them, and so he is wishing for new posts to enjoy. How about that?

Now if I could just get the stupid LJ Android app to quit freezing. . . I could be flooding you with content, damn it! WHY?

Also, in other news: do NOT have your phone in your back pocket when you get ready to take off your pants near the toilet. This turns out to be a bad idea. Also I have a cold right now and I'm not pleased about that.