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The Queen of Sheba's Juicy Feast

Twice the Malarkey, Half the Price

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My Daughter's Birthday
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As is typical, my daughter turned in an annoyingly short list of requested gifts. So I was forced to actually think about what she might want, good gracious. She turns 13 today, headlong into the teen years. . . I wound up going with t-shirts. She's gotten very into Avatar and of course its sequel Korra, and the associated fandom as well. So I got her a shirt that says "I SHIP IT" and another shirt that says "Beifong Metalworking Academy" on it in a sort of vintage baseball team kind of print. I found the shirts on redbubble, a site I never heard of but it is a gold mine of fandom, guys. All her friends spontaneously cheered and applauded at the sight of these shirts, and my daughter said I was the best mom of all time and then she was so happy she was actually reduced to just waving her arms and squirming around in her chair with happiness.

Ah, it is a rare and sweet moment when you can manage to get the perfect gift for a loved one, isn't it? I feel pretty darn good about it.

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It really is an utterly wonderful feeling when you get someone a present that turns out to be exactly, perfectly right. Good for you!

And when they get a bit older it is so RARE!!!! But I hit the nail on the head this time, and what's more, I even have a leg up on Chanukah. Oh YEAH.

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